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RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller

WLAN Controller for Operator and Large Campus (upto 6400 AP)

Feature Highlights:

The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller is designed to support the next-generation high-speed wireless network. The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller can be deployed at either Layer 2 or Layer 3 network to communicate with access point (AP) without any network changes. The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller can manage up to 128 wireless APs by default and a maximum capacity of 3200 wireless APs with license upgrade.

The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller enables centralized control and management of APs, delivering high transparency and visibility. With Ruijie’s leading management platform Smart Network Commander (SNC) and wireless APs, the Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller can flexibly manage AP configuration and optimize radio frequency (RF) coverage to enhance the wireless network performance and reduce deployment workload at the same time.

The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller enables role-based network service with the cutting-edge security and clustering technologies. The clustering technology shares wireless user database among multiple controllers and allows users to roam seamlessly between different areas within the network. The Ruijie RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller thereby delivers uninterrupted wireless voice communications with superior security and availability.




Smart Wireless Experience

●Intelligent Identification of Smart Devices

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller with built-in portal server intelligently identifies the type of smart device. According to the device features, the wireless controller adaptively presents a portal authentication page in the corresponding size and page layout. The intelligent identification of smart devices eliminates the trouble of screen size adjustment and offers better wireless user experience. This technology supports all mainstream operating systems including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.

Fair Scheduling

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller cooperates with Ruijie APs to offer equal access time for smart devices running different standards such as 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, etc. The feature solves the problems such as high latency and low network speed caused by use of an old wireless LAN card which is far away from the AP. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller ensures a fair high-speed wireless network for all users with any devices anywhere and anytime.

Fair Scheduling Mechanism

●Intelligent Load Balancing

On a high-density wireless LAN, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller teams up with Ruijie APs to intelligently distribute users among different APs according to the number of users and data traffic in real time. This feature balances the load pressure on each AP and improves the average bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS), offering higher network availability. In addition to the role-based and traffic-based balancing features, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller also enables load balancing in terms of frequency range. Since the majority of WiFi devices use 2.4GHz by default while frequency above 5GHz (802.11a/n/ac) can offer better throughput performance. With the frequency-based load balancing, the Wireless Controller allows users with dual-band devices to connect to the 5GHz as first priority. Bandwidth usage is greatly increased by 30-40% with no additional cost. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller hence delivers the best-in-class high-speed wireless performance to the Ruijie clients.

Intelligent Load Balancing Mechanism

High Performance and Reliability

Centralized or Distributed Intelligent Switching

The RG-WS6816 High-Performance Wireless Controller can be deployed at Layer 2 or Layer 3 level without modifying the original network architecture as it forms an integrated switching architecture with the wireless APs. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller provides ease in data switching management of all APs.

With the industry-leading local forwarding technology, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller eliminates the traffic bottleneck of traditional Wireless Controllers. The local forwarding technology allows flexible deployment of data forwarding in the AP. It means that the AP can determine whether to forward all data via the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller according to a Service Set ID (SSID) or user VLAN, or to send the data directly to a wired network for data communication. The local forwarding technology enables large-scale, delay-sensitive, and real-time data transmission via the wired network. With the high throughput of 802.11ac, it greatly alleviates the traffic pressure on the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller. It also better equips the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller to accommodate the network services with heavy traffic demand such as high definition Video on Demand (VoD) and Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) in the future.

Intelligent RF Management

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller enables AP to perform RF scanning in a wireless network as required. The AP can scan the wireless frequency bands and channels to identify both rogue APs and networks. The AP will send alert notifications to network administrators for immediate action once such are found, providing round-the-clock network protection for. In addition, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can control the real-time RF scanning function of the AP to measure signal and interference intensities. The Wireless Controller software also dynamically adjusts traffic load, power, RF coverage, and channel allocation for maximized signal coverage and capacity.

●Seamless Roaming Experience

The advanced clustering technology enables real-time synchronization of online information and roaming records of all users among multiple RG-WS6816 Wireless Controllers. Simply put, user and authentication data are shared in the cluster enabling wireless users to roam freely in the whole network. Users can thereby enjoy a borderless and secure roaming experience with the IP address and authentication status remained unchanged. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller also achieves fast roaming and voice services with the clustering technology.

●Abundant QoS Policies

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports an extensive array of QoS policies. For example, the Wireless Controller can set bandwidth limitations to give higher priority to critical data transmission applications. The Wireless Controller hence delivers guaranteed bandwidth performance for network of all sizes.

●Wireless IPv6 Access

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller fully supports all the IPv6 features and implements IPv6 forwarding on a wireless network. Both IPv4 and IPv6 users can automatically connect to the wireless controller series over tunnels, enabling IPv6 applications to be borne on the wireless network.

Flexible and Comprehensive Security Policies

Local Authentication

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller has a local user database, which offers smooth integration with the built-in portal server, for easy local authentication of wireless users via web authentication. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller allows local authentication based on the actual user demand, saving costs by getting rid of devices such as external portal and RADIUS server. The network infrastructure is also greatly simplified. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller fully satisfies the needs of small and medium-sized networks for secure user access.

User Data Encryption

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller fully supports the advanced encryption technologies such as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), ensuring end-to-end security of data transmission over the wireless network.

●Standard Communication Protocol

Encrypted communication between the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller and APs is enabled with the international standard Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP). The function ensures complete isolation from the wired network and guarantees high security for the real-time communication between the Wireless Controller and APs. CAPWAP also allows deployment of third-party access points in the future, offering superior scalability, availability and maximizes user investment at the same time.

●Virtual Wireless Packet Technology

With the virtual AP technology, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can partition multiple SSIDs within the network. Network administrator can separately encrypt and isolate subnets or VLANs that have the same SSID. The deployment thereby enables specified authentication mode and encryption mechanism for each SSID.

●RF Security

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports RF probe scanning feature to detect unauthorized access points or other RF interference sources. Once detected, the Wireless Controller will send real-time alerts to the network management system. It delivers easy management for network administrator to monitor potential threats and usage status.

●Protection Against Viruses and Attacks

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller provides a wide range of built-in security mechanisms to effectively prevent and control virus spread and network traffic attacks. The mechanisms ensure secure network access by the authorized users only. Such protection mechanisms include IP/MAC/WLAN binding, hardware ACL control, traffic-based bandwidth limitation, etc. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller is an ideal match for large campus, hospital, or enterprise networks with high security demand for guest network access.

●Secure User Access

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports Web Authentication, allowing users to perform authentication using any web browser.

802.1X authentication is another security highlight. A major difference from web authentication is that 802.1X enables IP/MAC/WLAN binding after authentication. The feature totally guarantees the legitimacy of the user’s identity.

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller also supports Ruijie RG-SMP (Security Management Platform) to provide insight into and control of Ruijie security and network devices. The RG-SMP offers comprehensive security management across a wide range of Ruijie security appliances and allows users to manage office networks of all sizes for a wide range of industries, with security compliance requirements in aspects of user identity, host health and security of network communication.

●Virtual AP Technology

Virtual AP Enhancing Network Security

In most of the enterprise today, providing a Guest WiFi to visitor is an essential. However, Guest WiFi might become another entry point for network intrusion either it is intended or not.

Ruijie AP Virtualization technology allows to virtualize a physical AP into multiple virtual APs to handle different services. Different VAP can connect to the isolated AC to ensure the only authorized user access to right resource.

With VAP, you can now enjoy its benefits of:

•    Resource isolation

•    Flexible authentication

•    Minimize RF interference

•    Cost effective & secured

With the dual GE uplink design of AP740-I, two different CAPWAP tunnel separating employee WiFi and guest WiFi traffic into two different physical uplinks further enhanced the security.

●Virtual AC Technology

Virtual AC Enabling Centralized Management

Ruijie Network AC Virtualization technology help to virtualize multiple AC into single logical AC regardless of module or appliance-based AC. It supports to up 8 members of hardware AC in single high availability cluster. AP license is shared from the license pool regardless of the number of AC in the cluster.

Its high availability feature ensures no business downtime in the event of one of AC fails. The failover mechanism is fully automated and completed within milliseconds, WiFi services resumed immediately in backup AC.

With the centralized management and distributed processing capability, it increases the scalability and resilience of entire Wireless Network. Simplified management streamlines the IT operation as well.

●Protection Against ARP Spoofing

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) detection effectively protects network users from ARP gateway spoofing and host spoofing for secure wireless access. Automatic binding can be enabled in both dynamic and static IP address allocation environments to greatly save manpower resources and management costs. The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can monitor and control the rate of ARP packets transmitted to prevent malicious use of scanning tools, which triggers ARP flooding and causes network congestion.

●Rogue AP Countermeasure

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller enables effective rogue AP detection and containment to enhance wireless security. The Wireless Controller arranges an active AP to perform rogue detection, send probe packets and hear probe responses from valid APs. Network administrator can hence easily single out rogue APs from the authorized to ensure wireless network security.

Rogue AP and User Countermeasures

●DHCP Security

With Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller permits DHCP response messages from the trusted ports only. The Wireless Controller can thus prevent unauthorized deployment of any DHCP server to disturb the allocation and management of IP addresses and affect normal operation of the network. With the DHCP monitoring function, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller can effectively prevent ARP host spoofing and source IP address spoofing in the dynamic IP allocation environment by dynamically monitoring ARP and checking source IP address.

●Management Information Security

To ensure the security of devices and offer protection against attacks, the Secure Shell (SSH) and SNMPv3 technologies encrypt management information by Telnet and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller offers Telnet access control based on source IP address, offering a high level of granularity on device management. Only the IP addresses authorized by network administrator can log into the Wireless Controller, which further enhances the security of device network management.

Unified Network Management

●Multiple Management Protocols and Unified Management Platform

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports a vast number of management modes including Command Line. It offers centralized and efficient planning, deployment, monitoring, and management of all APs with minimized investment costs. Working with the Ruijie Smart Network Commander (SNC) which is an all-rounded network management platform, the RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller delivers enriched network management services such as topology generation, AP operation status, online user status, entire network RF planning, user location, security alert, link load, device utilization rate, roaming record and report output. These functions enable network administrator to monitor and manage the operation status of the entire network in the data center.

Ruijie SNC Unified Topology Diagram

●Web Interface Management

The RG-WS6816 Wireless Controller supports web management interface for AC, which provides simplified wireless configuration and high visibility for the whole network operation. With the AC web interface, the Wireless Controller can also manage the APs and also the associated users, achieving user bandwidth control and network access restriction. Network administrator can hence plan, operate and maintain the wireless network with ease.

Ruijie Smart Web Management Interface


●AI-based Cloud Service (WIS) Integration

WIS Cloud Smart Services Platform

Ruijie WIS is an AI-based intelligent services designed for WiFi optimization on the cloud. Seamlessly integrated with Ruijie on-premise hardware AC helps to streamline WiFi deployment planning, delivery testing as well as operation diagnosis. With WIS you can:

•    Cloud site survey for deployment planning

•    Smart mobile Apps for provisioning

•    Visualize the user experience

•    One-click WiFi optimization

•    and it is FREE!   

Ruijie MOHO APP for WiFi Testing

As part of the Ruijie WIS solution, Ruijie MOHO is a mobile app designed to carry out WiFi testing from your fingertips. Comprehensive testing tools like collaborative test, speed test, multi-point test and etc. are available in Ruijie MOHO app that can be freely downloaded from Google Play.

WISπ One-click Optimization

Another key feature from Ruijie WIS, WISπ provides one-click optimization by using the AI based machine learning automated correlation based on the real-time information gather from your WiFi network. It truly optimizes the entire WiFi network performance by providing the best suitable configuration fine-tuning by just a click. 




Next Generation Wireless Controller, 8-Port 10/100/1000Base-T, 8 GE SFP and 4-Port 10G Combo Ports, 2 Expansion Modules, Dual redundancy power supply (1 power supply is included), 128 APs license by default, maximum 3200 APs License or maximum 5000 APs License for Wall AP



WS Series Wireless Controllers upgrade license for 32 APs or 64 Wall APs


WS Series Wireless Controllers upgrade license for 128 APs or 256 Wall APs



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